June 29, 2021 Release Notes

Planning of Phantom Items

Changes have been made in the processing of phantom items in Advanced Requirements Planning to eliminate the generation of suggested orders for phantom items.  With this change phantom items will continue to be visible in Item Selection, but the following changes are being made to the handling of phantom items in Advanced Requirement Planning:

  • No forecast will be generated for phantom items after generating a Requirements Plan
  • Phantom items will not be visible in Planner Action after generating a Requirements Plan
  • No suggested orders will be generated from phantom items, but the dependent demand from phantom items will be transferred to the dependent demand of all its child items
  • Phantom items will be visible but disabled in BOM Panel of its parent or child items 

Eliminate the Display of System Messages in Advanced Business Planning

System information messages have been removed from the progress panels that are displayed in Advanced Business Planning when a forecast is generated. This change should improve the experience of users by limiting the progress display to only information that is useful to users on the progress of the forecast process.  


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