July 22, 2021 Release Notes

Ability to View Shop Order Number Originating Dependent Demand

This enhancement provides the ability to identify the specific shop order that is generating the dependent demand that is being sent to the child component.  Previously in the dependent demand that was generated by shop orders only displayed the item number in the dependent order column.  With this enhancement, the shop order that was responsible for generating the dependent demand is identified in the dependent order line.

Restrict the Download of Expedite Recommendations to Netsuite

The checkbox enabling the download of Expedite Recommendations has been removed for Netsuite integrations due to the current lack of support of this feature in the Netsuite integration.

Additional Validation to the productchainingmultilocation.txt

Additional validations have been added to the upload of the productchainingmultilocation.txt file that is used for mass supercession of items in multi-locations environments.

  • Validation to ensure only existing SKUs are in the upload
  • Validation to ensure only existing SKUs are included in the Product Link Data report.
  • Inclusion of both the new and old locations in the Product Link Data report


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