July 15, 2021 Release Notes

Forecast Disaggregation Using Weight of Recent Periods

This capability enables users to specify the number of periods that should be used in calculating the weights used in disaggregating forecasts at higher levels of the planning hierarchy into the forecasts of component products. Prior to this enhancement, 12 months of history of each Product Customer Location (PCL) context was used to compute its weight, which was utilized in disaggregating the forecast from its parent.

This enhancement enables the user to globally specify the number of monthly periods that will be used for calculating the weight of all PCLs. To set the ratio to be used globally for all PCLs , go the the Systems Setting, and specify the number of months to be utilized in calculating the ration in the PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months) setting. The default value is set to 12 months.

The global PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months) setting may also be overwritten for each PCL context by modifying the PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months) setting under the Forecast Algorithm tab for each PCL.  The PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months) that is defined at the context level will take precedence over the value defined at the global level.  

Once the PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months) is defined, the last full N months in the forecast interval will be utilized for the forecasting, where N is defined as the number of months specified in the PCL Ratio Distribution Period (months).


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