July 1, 2021 Release Notes

Point of Sale Data for Planning

Advanced Planning has been enhanced to automate the use of Point of Sales data for demand planning. This enhancement automates the input of additional data sets, such as Point of Sale (POS) data and Customer (generated) Forecast for use in informing the demand planning process. Use of this enhancement eliminates the use of manual and disconnected processes to integrate customers sales information.

This first release focuses specifically on the integration and analysis of POS data. Subsequent releases will include using the data to forecast POS sales as an input to the currently defined shipment plan. Please refer to the POS article for more information on the new POS application.

Sandbox Business Nodes are Uniquely Identified

For Business Nodes that are configured as sandboxes, the string "SANDBOX" is now appended to the name of the Business Node, and the name of the Business Node is now displayed in red at the top right hand corner of the application when a user is logged into the Business Node.  The purpose of this enhancement is to provide a visual indicator to a user when that user is logged in a Business Node that is configured to be used as a sandbox.

Last Updated Column Added to Data Maintenance Excel Download Files

The Last Updated column has been added to the Excel download files in the Item and Customer Data Maintenance applications.  The inclusion of these fields will enable customers to review items and customers records based on when they were last updated.


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