June 10, 2021 Release Notes

Last 5 Weeks Actual Metrics Added to the Statistics Grid

We have added new metrics to the Statistics tab to enable the near-term tracking of the forecast performance of products.  The new metrics we have added are:  

  • Last 5 Week Actual: defined as Open + Closed orders during the last 5 weeks
  • Last 5 Week Plan: defined as the quantity in the last approved demand plan preceding the last 5 weeks
  • Last 5 Week Error: defined as (Actual - Plan) / Actual as percentage

Prior to the addition of these metrics, users did not have visibility to the accuracy of their demand plans in the immediate past few weeks.  Visibility to the accuracy of demand plans in the immediate few weeks is important in the new product introduction process, or in the management of active/ongoing promotions. '

With this enhancements users will see three new columns containing these metrics at the leftmost end of the grid.

Ability to Scroll Multiple Grids at Once on the Plan Tab

This enhancement synchronizes the horizontal scrolling of all the grids on the Plan tab to ensure that the user is looking in the same periods in each of the grids.  Prior to this enhancement, each of this grids scrolled independently of each other, which resulted in a mismatch in the periods that were being displayed across the grids if one of the grids was scrolled, and could present a challenge to users if they wanted to compare data across multiple grids.  With this enhancement, when one of the grids on the Plan tab is scrolled all the other grids will be scrolled synchronously with it.


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