May 27, 2021 Release Notes

Tree List Navigation: Selected Node Focus

The Search and Tree-List function that is displayed in Advanced Planning has been enhanced to return the searched item directly in the tree list view in addition to the breadcrumb. Previously when the user navigated to a node within context using the search action, after the search results were returned, the Tree-List was not focused on the current context node. This made scrolling down the Tree-list to find the node challenging particularly if many items were on the Tree-list.

With this enhancement when a context demand plan is opened for an item, the Tree-list will focus on the specific node that is being displayed in the context demand plan as shown below.

New Rolling 52W Units Column and Change

A new Rolling 52W Units column has been added to the Statistics tab in Advanced Planning to display the last 52 weeks of unit sales. The data used in the column is based on active SKUs, and the basis of the data used in the column is based on the actual history of an item. In addition, the data used in calculating the Rolling 52W Revenue column has been changed from the forecast history to the actual history of an item.


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