May 13, 2021 Release Notes

This enhancement enables the Average Selling Price (ASP) and Cost of the old item to be used to plan the ASP and COGS of the new item when Forecast Only Linking is enabled between both items. Previously when Forecast Only Linking was in used between two items, the ASP of the old item was never carried over to planning the future ASP of the new Item.  With this enhancement, when Forecast Only Linking is established between two items, the ASP and Cost for the old item will be used by the new item in populating the ASP and COGS for its future periods in the Demand Plan.

Aggregate Item Supply Plan across Multiple Locations

The purpose of this enhancement is to provide the user with the ability to aggregate and view the overall supply plan of an item across a group of locations. Previously, the supply plan for an item could only be viewed separately for each of its locations, and it was not possible to aggregate the supply plans for an item across multiple locations. With this enhancement when the user is in the Item Supply Plan view, there will be an Aggregate Locations button.  The user can select multiple locations and click the Aggregate Locations button to view a consolidated supply plan for the item across the selected locations.

After the item supply plan has been aggregated, to view the item supply for each location, the user can use the Show Separate Locations button to show the supply plans for each of the individual locations.


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