April 8, 2021 Release Notes

Updates to the Advanced Planning Forecast Statistics

The information that is presented under the Statistics tab in the Advanced Planning Forecast has been enhanced to better reflect the quality of the forecasts and demand plans that are being created.  The forecast quality measures have been redesigned, rationalized, and new statistical measures have  been introduced to enable users to better assess the forecast and demand plan quality.  Additionally, these measures are all going to be used for upcoming Advanced Planning trend and reporting enhancement.

To learn more, please read the support article Forecast Statistics.

Split of Forecasting and Analytics

Due to the increase in the number of metrics introduced. We have split the forecast generation and the statistics update so that they can be run independently. The analytics should be run anytime new history is presented to the application. For a monthly cycle this would be at the beginning of each month and if weekly, at the beginning of each new week.

Old Forecast UI

New Forecast UI with "Run Forecast" and "Run Analytics"

Yellow color coding indicates when the forecast needs to be regenerated. Please note that you will need to refresh the browser to remove color code after running.

Yellow color coding indicates when the Analytics need to be recalculated. Please note that you will need to refresh the browser to remove color code after running.

Option to View Current Year Plan when Editing Next Year Plan

Previously when a planner is editing their demand plan for the next year, the planner does not have any visibility to the plan for the current year.  With this enhancement the planner has the ability to configure for view the current year demand plan

Requirements Planning Alternate Source Popup Updated with Primary Source

The Alternate Source Popup in Requirements Planning has been enhanced to show information about the inventory that is available at the primary source.   This enhancement allows comparison of alternate sources to the primary source. This requires the configuration of a primary source for an SKU as documented in the article Alternate Source Requirement Planning.

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