Coming Soon - New DemandCaster Design

New DemandCaster Design

On April 29, 2021 we will be releasing a significant enhancement to the look and feel and overall user experience of the Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning application. This enhancement will introduce a number of significant benefits to users:

  • A modern look with refreshed user interface elements
  • A new easier to use menu structure
  • Easier to view charts and tables
  • Consistent design elements across application
  • Dark theme option (At some point in the near future, users will have the ability to switch to a dark theme, which will appeal to those users that for various reasons prefer to use their applications with a dark background.)

The launch plan of the new design release is provide at the bottom of this article. To jump to that section click here.

New Design Overview

The first thing users will notice will be new icons, UI elements, and colors.  The purpose of this change is to provide the application with a more modern look that provides familiarity to the user through its visual consistency with other similar modern web based applications.

Users will notice the absence of the top horizontal menu that has been unique to DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning application for a few years. This main menu has been replaced with a new vertically oriented menu that is placed on the left side of the application.  All the menu items from the old menu will be found in the same order (from top to bottom) on the new left-side menu.  This new menu structure is expandable, has larger easier to read icons, and is easier to use.  The entire application has been comprehensively updated with the new user interface elements, and all their charts and tables have been refreshed to make their content easier to read.

Demand Plan Plan View

Requirement Plan Item Detail View

Item Selection View

Launch Plan

To provide users time prior to the release date to familiarize themselves with the new experience, we will be rolling out this enhancement with the following series of steps:

  • Week of April 12 - A recording of a screen demo of the application will be shared on the DemandCaster release page
  • April 19 - April 23 - Users will be able to request access to a demo site to experience the changes themselves. Instructions on how to request access to the demo site will be announced soon.
  • April 29 - the new user interface enhancements will be released to production


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