March 11, 2021 Release Notes

Highlight the Analysis Date of Prior Forecasts in Requirements Planning

Previously in the Item Planning Details application, the Analysis Date was displayed in the same format and color for the latest and historical Requirement Plans.  As a result it was difficult for the user to distinguish if the user is looking at the latest plan or one of the historical plans simply by looking at the Analysis date on the Requirements Plan.  

With this enhancement the Analysis Date of old Requirement Plans will be displayed with a red background to distinguish them from the current Requirement Plan.

Display of the Analysis Date for the most recent Requirement Plan (see below):

Display of the Analysis Date for an older Requirement Plan. You can navigate to the latest requirement plan by click to the right of the date (see below):

Below is a short GIF that runs through a new versus old plan.

Changes to the Average Forecast Algorithm

The following changes have been made to the Average forecast algorithm in this release.  The Simple Moving Average and the Last 13 Weeks Average forecast algorithms have been replaced with a new Average forecast algorithm.  

The previous average-based forecast algorithms as viewed in the Forecast tab under the Advanced Planning application (see below):

The new Average forecast algorithm (see below):

A new setting has also been introduced in this release to control how the Average forecast is applied.  The new global system setting, called Force Average forecast algorithm when history length equal or less than, enables the user to force the use of the Average forecast algorithm when the number of periods of history (a period is tied to the forecast bucket type) is less than the specified number.

Changes to the Display of the Fiscal Years

When selecting the planning horizons in the Advanced Planning application, users will see that the descriptions of all the planning horizons based on fiscal years have been enhanced to include the calendar year that is the basis of the fiscal year.  This additional information will provide more clarity to users regarding the definition of each fiscal year horizon (see below).

Previous enumeration of planning horizons (see below):

New enumeration of planning horizons (see below):

Changes to the Waterfall Period Headers

The headers of periods in the Waterfall diagram have been enhanced to show the actual start date of the period.  This additional information is intended to provide more clarity about the information being displayed to the user (see below).

Previous display of period headers:

New display of period headers:


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