February 11, 2021 Release Notes

Item Codes added to the Item Grids

The Demand Plan and Forecast statistics grids now includes both the item code and name when viewing the item level grid. Please note that the item code is a fixed column and can not be removed from the grid. Only the item name and other columns may be removed.

The code will be available in both the parent and child grids depending on the construct of the hierarchy.

New Statistic Grid Icons in Demand Planning

The grid edit icons have been updated to make it easier to modify the grid view to either a % or unit stacked grid:

  1. Stacked Grid in Units icon
  2. Stacked Grid in % icon

Click one or the other to open the view.

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome

Once in the stacked view, you can easily click the appropriate icon to:

  1. Return to the statistics view
  2. Switch the view (click % to change to a percent stacked grid view)
  3. Revert the changes
  4. Save the changes

When in percent view, the options are:

  1. Return to the statistics view
  2. Switch the view (click grid icon to change to a unit stacked grid view)
  3. Open the % edit pop-up to edit multiple periods at once
  4. Revert the changes
  5. Save the changes

Fixed Issue with Supply Plan Status Monitor in Demand Plan with IHS Solution

For the new Demand Plan Market Forecast Manager with IHS offering, the supply planning status monitor has been removed since it is not required with this solution.


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