January 28, 2021 Release Notes

In this release we have introduced a new expedite order logic that is applicable to both expedite lead times and regular lead times. Expediting existing orders is a critical order management process necessary when demand does not follow plan and there is a need to modify released orders in order to meet ongoing plan changes. The logic is applied both in the planner action and the item detail view and works with the expedite lead time logic.

This release aligns the messaging in the planner action with the item detail view for clarity on the impact of the suggested changes. In addition, messaging related to safety stock and stock-out issues during lead time have been sorted to no longer be at the end a specific SKU's planner action suggested actions. To learn more, please read the article Expedite Requirement Plan Logic.

We also fixed an issue where inactive SKU's were visible in the new planner action alternate source field. Inactive SKU's will no longer be visible.


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