January 21, 2021 Release Notes

% Distribution Enhancement in Stacked Grid Editing

We have added a new feature to the Demand Planning Stacked Grid Editing. The percent editing option was previously limited to a single period. This new enhancement adds the capability to modify multiple periods over time.

  1. Once you enter percent edit mode in the stacked grid, click on the new "% Distribution Editing" icon to open the dialogue.
  2. Here you may enter a start and end date where the percent values will be applied.
  3. Enter the percent values to re-distribute the demand plan unit values. All periods between the start and end date will have the same percent distribution applied and all rules related to locking and zero values will be considered and communicated if there are any violations.

Demand Plan Event Tab Detail

A new Event Plan detail tab has been added to the demand plan view. This tab contains the detail of all the event in their varying states are included in the demand plan context being viewed.

In the image below, there the "Planned Event" line is populated with a value. To view the detail, click the event tab.

  1. The event tab contains a list of all the applicable events, their types, status, and quantities.
  2. Clicking on the detail button opens the detail panel to show which context the events have been applied including their quantity by period and sum of the event values.
  3. Clicking the name opens a new page with the specific event detail.

Update to Creating and Authorizing New Users

We have added a new field to the user list that communicates if the user that was created has verified their created account. The new account is automatically enabled upon creation but will not be available until the user authorizes their account via the email they received. Once authorized the Email Verified field will change from No to Yes.

To disable an account, simply click on the radio button to disable. A disabled account may also be re-enabled. In this case, the user may use their current account credentials.

This enhancement was released to address an issue where a new user is created by an admin and is immediately enabled in users list without any user action.

Bugs and Other Notable Issues Fixed

The new Alternate Source Requirement Planning feature released last week was missing color coding related to supply being available or not available at the designated alternate sources. The issue is fixed with red color coding being applied when available quantity is negative and green when positive.

An exception during S&OP Hierarchy Pareto Download in the legacy S&OP application was fixed.


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