December 17, 2020 Release Notes

Support for Co-Product Planning

This is an extension to the Batch Planning functionality. The functionality is now named "Planning Templates" and extends the current batching functionality with Co-Product planning which is also known as Multi-Out planning in Plex ERP.

Co-Products are finished goods or sub-assemblies that are produced in one production process together such as stamping, molding, or meat processing. That is, more than one final product will come out from one production operation or one raw material.

Please contact support if interested in testing this new functionality. To learn more about the feature, please read the article Co-Product Planning (Multi-Out).

Editing of Demand Plan History

A new Algorithms tab has been added to the forecasting section to allow customers to edit history for forecasting purposes.

Future plans for the tab include algorithms manipulation, sandbox forecasting, forecast regeneration for one or few contexts.

To learn more please read the article Algorithms Tab.

Please note that a new forecast needs to be run for the Algorithm Tab to populate.

Stacked Grid Edit by % Option

The capability to edit values by modifying the percent of each period has been added to the unit edit method in the Stacked Grid functionality. To learn more, read the article Demand Planning Stacked Grid Editing.

Event Planning Upload and Download

This is a new feature that provides users a means to upload an event plan metadata and their plan subsequent adjustments in a single file. An event plan upload looks and behaves like a user defined forecast, for the portion of demand data that is related to the actual event plan forecast adjustment. To learn more, please read the article Event Plan Download and Upload.


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