October 29, 2020 Release Notes

Outlier Improvements

The method to calculate and remove outliers in Advanced Planning has been refined. To learn more, please review the article Removing Outliers.

Batching Improvements

The first of a series of batch ordering improvements have been released today.

Specifically, we addressed the issue where multiple batches could not be created in a single day or week when the order requirements exceeded the max of the batch template. We now support multiple batches to be created in a single period.

The second fix that was made was making the date format of the batching to be aligned with the date format setting of the account.

The third fix was to improve the usability of the planner action. A summary of changes:

  1. We introduced a new batching drop down to filter the planner action by batch.
  2. We have added a unique index number for each discrete batch to more easily see the number of batches created. When multiple batches are required in a planning period there is a second index to denote the number of batches required within the planning period.
  3. We have also included the batch number as a column within the planner action.

Locking of Demand Plan Edits

A new feature has been released where users now have the option to lock demand plan edits.  To learn more, please read the article Locking Demand Plan Edits.


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