July 9, 2020 Release Notes

Demand Plan statistics aligned to bucket type selected

With the exception of Last Month Plan, Last Month Actual, and Lag 1, 2, and 3 which will always be monthly bucket based, all other Demand Plan statistics are now tied to the bucket type selected.

When monthly buckets are selected, the statistics are calculated through end of the last month

When weekly buckets are selected, the statistics are calculated through end of the last week.

Extend stock-out logic to adhere to periodic grouping rules when Expedite lead time (days) is applied

Current requirement planning behavior is to treat the order requirements during lead time separately from the next order following lead time. This is done to allow users to make decisions concerning how best to address the two different requirements and ignores any periodic order grouping logic that may be applied against the specific SKU.

With the recent introduction of the expedite lead time logic, we have extended this logic to automatically apply any periodic grouping rules for the SKU.

In the example below, the SKU has a 28 day periodic order grouping applied. As can be seen, with the default behavior the periodic grouping is not applied.

To remove the periodic order grouping restriction:

  1. Click Option
  2. Go to Lead Time
  3. Select the appropriate Expedite lead time (days) selection. In this example Total Lead Time is selected.
  4. Decide if the unfulfilled forecast will be fulfilled with the order
  5. Click Save to apply

With the setting applied, the order is now grouped following the periodic order grouping rules.

New Security Rule

Two weeks ago we released a new security rule that forces active cookie sessions to expire after 15 hours. This change forces users to log in once the session expires. We apologize for neglecting to include this in the release notes!


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