June 18, 2020 Release Notes

Update to Address Potential SQL Server Limit

A potential Advanced Planning statistic data issue was identified for customers with very large entities within a forecast level and node. This was a preventative fix that will require all Advanced Planning  customers to rerun their forecasts to populate the statistics grids.

New Expedite Requirement Planning Option

A new lead time option and functionality has been added to address two primary planning issues:

  1. If there is a stock-out during lead time, what happens to the unfulfilled forecast?
  2. In the event of a stock-out, is there an alternate supplier available to fulfill the order at a shorter lead time than the standard lead time.

The current behavior of DemandCaster is for the system to suggest that the replenishment order include the unfulfilled forecast value. This, for many companies is unrealistic because unfulfilled forecast results in lost sales. The new setting provides the capability to set an expedite lead time value so if there is a stock-out, the requirement plan will suggest an order to an earlier lead time. In addition, a second option is provided to disregard the forecast value from the suggested order between the time of stock-out until the order is replenished.

This release introduces one new system setting and two item settings.

In System Settings there is a new option name Expedite Lead Time. Expedite Lead. This option sets the Expedite Lead Time to be set to Total Lead Time for all items by default.

Via Multi-Edit and Item Options there are two new settings:

  1. Expedite lead time (days): This setting is applied against the SKU:
    1. System Settings means the Expedite Lead Time is set to the System Setting value noted above.
    2. None does not apply the Expedite Lead Time
    3. Total Lead Time makes it the same as the items Lead Time
    4. Item Specific sets an Expedite Lead Time value that is different than the items lead time.
  2. Replenish unfulfilled forecast:
    1. Yes, creates an suggested order that accounts for the unfulfilled forecast
    2. No, does not create a suggested order that accounts for the unfulfilled forecast

Months forward to lock demand plan editing in Advanced Planning

In the June 4, 2020 Release Notes the Months forward to lock demand plan editing extended to uploads for legacy S&OP was released. In this weeks release, the same functionality was extended to Advanced Planning for both in UI Demand Plan edits as well as uploads. A new system setting has been added to Advanced Planning setting named "Months forward to lock demand plan editing" that will enable this feature. Entering 1 means the current month demand plan edits will be locked.

Major Event Planning Updates

We continue to invest in improving the functionality and usability of the event planning application. A few major enhancements have been released with an emphasis on usability.

A new UI has been introduced that captures all events in a filterable list. This list contains a summary of all Event Plans at varying statuses. Columns may be sorted, filtered, and column order may be reconfigured.

The action menu includes the capability to:

  1. Open the detail of a new plan. When clicking, the event plan page opens in a new browser tab.
  2. Edit a plan
  3. Delete a plan. Please note that an Executed event may be deleted only after reverting the event from Executed to Planned or Draft.

Event Types are now user defined. Users may add their own event types to further filter the Event Table. If an Event Type is mapped to an existing event, it may not be deleted until it is unassigned from its events.

  1. To create a new "Event Type" simply click "New event type"
  2. An existing Event Type may be edited to a new name

When entering a new Event Plan in Units, the ASP value now auto populates to the Plan ASP value. Users may then adjust the ASP value as required.

A few important points to consider since existing events will be automatically converted to the new list view:

  • Events created with the first release of event planning a year ago may experience some unknown bugs. In addition, old events wont have user and created date since those were not tracked for events at the time. If you experience any strange behaviors, please submit a support request.
  • With this release, all users will see all events. Any changes made by users against existing events will be visible to all users. A future release will change this behavior.
  • There could be an instance where an event is migrated without a name. ¬†Users should be able add a name to these events and then, if necessary, delete the event. If you experience any strange behaviors, please submit a support request.


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