June 11, 2020 Release Notes

Added new Columns Created By and Updated By in MFM

Two new columns have been added to MFM module.

  • Created By: This is the user that first mapped and created the program
  • Created: The data the mapping was first created
  • Updated By: The user that last updated the details of the program
  • Updated: The date of the last change

Added Increase or Decrease by percentage in Events Planning

Previously, we released increase / decrease by percentage in Demand Planning. In this release, we are introducing the function to event planning. The process works nearly identical to the Demand Plan version of this function. The primary difference between the function is in Demand Planning increases the base demand plan value by the percent value. In the case of Event Planning, the percent is used to calculated incremental value between the current base demand plan and the event plan value. This is necessary because the event plan is an independent value that increases or decrease the base demand value. In the example below, an increase of 10% is entered as the lift %. Since the base plan is 515.806, a lift of 10% is 51,581 for the event plan value.

In the case of ASP, a new price value is entered based on the percent entered.

New Planner Action Mini Review and Edit Grid Option

We have introduced a new mini item planner pop-up option within the Planner Action. This pop-up option is enabled when viewing the planner action with the "one row per item" filter. This view is enabled by clicking on the button shown below.

Viewing the planner action in the one line per item view adds a new column named "Edit Details." Clicking on the icon against any of the planner action rows opens the pop-up where planners may review, edit, cancel, split, and approve orders as they normally would in the planner action view or item planning detail view. By adding the pop-up option a planner may now view the entire lead time and firm planning horizon of an item without having to click to view in the item planning detail.

Plex customers, please note that existing purchase orders or jobs may not be edited in this view. This will be provided in an upcoming release.

Removed daily lead time precision in planner action when weekly buckets are enabled

In the early days of DemandCaster, there was only a single planning option which was weekly buckets. Due to this restriction, the due dates at lead time are rounded up to a weekly bucket date based on the lead time value. Some time later, an enhancement was made to make the calculated due date in the Planner Action be based precisely on the items lead time. This was done for reference only. The due date sent back to the ERP remained the weekly bucket based date in the Item Detail view not the Planner Action.

When we introduced daily bucket based planning option a number of years ago, this difference between views was eliminated but we never changed the alignment logic in weekly buckets. For customers planning in weekly buckets, this has caused confusion. In response, the due date at lead time will now match in both the Planner Action and the Item Planning Detail view. It will be based on the date in the Item Planning Detail view which is rounded up to the weekly bucket equivalent of the lead time set at the default due day defined in system settings.

DemandCaster - System Setting - Google Chrome


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