June 4, 2020 Release Notes

Months forward to lock demand plan editing extended to uploads for legacy S&OP

Months forward to lock demand plan editing setting in Legacy S&OP is designed to prevent a user to make demand plan edits within a set number of one or more monthly bucketed periods. This setting, however, was not applied against demand plans being updated via the User Defined Forecast upload. The feature has now been extended to cover uploads as well.

When uploading a user defined forecast, any values during the lock period will result in a "fixed error." The upload will proceed and update the demand plan values for all unlocked periods whereas an error will be communicated in the error log for the locked periods.

New Supply Plan Custom Reporting Setting

In Custom Reports under the Supply Plan Base Entity, a new report horizon setting has been provided.

The "Fixed Horizon" option allows users to enter a set number of weeks or months (depending on the "Bucket Type" selected) for the supply plan to be generated. Previously, only a SKU's lead time, order horizon, or planning horizon were the options provided. This caused each SKU to have a different supply plan length due to its own lead time and horizon settings. This new setting allows for all items to have the same report horizon.

Event Plan Updates

Over the coming weeks, a number of new features and updates are going to be introduced in event planning. The first of these updates are now available. Aside from the changes described below, the other key changes is event pages with a draft status are only visible within its own event page.

  1. We have renamed the event related rows in the units, asp, and revenue grids to more intuitively describe each row. The names are:
    1. "Units Change" is now named "Event Plan" and includes the event value within the event page only across all pages.
    2. "Planned Events" is now named "Total Planned Events" since it includes the sum of all planned events across all pages.
    3. "Executed Events" is now named "Total Executed Events" since it includes the sum of all executed events across all pages.
    4. "Total Event Plan" is now named Total Plan w/all Events" since it includes the sum of all planned plus executed events across all pages. A draft event is included in this row within its own page and not across pages.
  2. We have added a "Total Plan w/all Events" row in the Forecast and Demand Planning UIs. This has been added to support a future enhancement where a supply plan can be run and approved against the "Total Plan w/all Events" row instead of the "Total" demand plan row which only includes executed events.
  3. Finally, we have added the Event Plan parameters within the Event Page. This way a user may quickly identify the status of an event.


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