May 18, 2020 Release Notes

Increase or Decrease Demand Plan Unit and ASP Plans by Percent

Added functionality to Advanced Planning to allow for an increase or decrease of units or ASP values by percent.

Click on the percent icon in either the unit plan or ASP plan grid to open the functionality. Enter a positive percent value to increase or a negative to decrease. Click "Preview" to review the result and if the result looks acceptable, click "Apply" to save.

Note that the bucket size is automatically selected based on if the grid is in the weekly or monthly bucket view. In addition, the percent increase or decrease is applied against the entire bucketed value.

MFM Grid Sorting

Added the capability to manually change the sort order of selected columns in the Market Forecast Manager grids.

Simply select the column to move, right click and hold, and pull the column to its new location.

Miscellaneous Updates

For Plex ERP users, we added functionality that automatically adds Building to Discrete PO Header when applicable.

Fixed an issue where the download of numbers in Advanced Planning grids are not recognized as numbers by Excel.


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