May 7, 2020 Release Notes

This weeks release adds two additional Advanced Planning Reports for download in addition to the Demand Plan download.

Users can now download from the Demand Plan or Forecast UI's at the configured level of the planning hierarchy the following reports:

  • Statistical Forecast (Report file name will be statistical_forecast followed by timestamp)
  • Demand Plan (Report file name will be total_demand_plan followed by timestamp)
  • Total Demand Plan (Total demand plan includes executed events. )

Users may download the base demand plan for editing and upload (as currently provided). The other reports are not designed to be uploaded since they will not include some of the required upload entities.

All reports are text files that may be opened in Excel.

Downloading Reports

  1. Click the download icon to open the "Report" dialogue
  2. Select "Report Type" from drop down
  3. Select "Bucket" weekly or monthly
  4. Select Period
  5. Select which columns to include. Statistical Forecast download only includes Units.
  6. Click "Run Report" to download.

The report behavior is the same as described in the article Advanced Planning Demand Plan Download

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome


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