April 30, 2020 Release Notes

Two planner action related enhancements have been released for Plex ERP

Editing and Canceling Purchase Orders for Plex

Users may now edit open purchase order quantities and due dates on existing purchase orders.

To edit an existing PO, click the "View Details" icon in the Planner Action UI for the purchase order line to be edited.

Open the Suggested Order column by clicking the edit icon and go to the line(s) to be edited.

Please note that only future orders may be edited. Past due orders are not available to be edited. Those past due orders will need to be edited in ERP.

Change the quantity and date on one or more lines as required. In the example below, the quantity of 100 is changed to 200.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Suggested Order column and click save.

Please note that entering "0" as a quantity cancels the purchase order line.

Once saved, the edited line turns blue in the item detail. Placing your cursor over the order shows that the order has been modified.

Once approved, the edited order will be changed within the planner action with a line status of "Modified PO" with a date and quantity. These modified orders do not have an approve checkbox. They will automatically be sent to Plex ERP during the download to ERP step.

Planner Action Workflow for Plex ERP Order Approvals

Once an order is ready to be created in ERP, you may approve the order line by

  1. Selecting each line and then
  2. click "Approve orders" OR
  3. click the "Approve" check box
  4. Once approved, select the lines of the "Approved Orders" and click "Download to ERP"

The order lines being downloaded to ERP will turn yellow in the "Approve" column


Once the Download to ERP is completed, you may click "click here" to refresh the page.

Once refreshed, the successful orders turn green in the "Approve" column.

To view the status of the orders, click "Plex Order Creation Log" to view the success of the transaction or any communications related to a failed transaction.


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