April 23, 2020 Release Notes

Improved handling of disabling a Demand Planning PCL

The base planning entity in Advanced Planning is a combination of the item that is sold, the customer that the item is sold to, and the location that item is shipped from to the customer. We call this the PCL.

This PCL entity is a critical component in the planning process because it not only carries all the sales history but the forecast and all the related demand plan edits. As a result of this, Advanced Planning has been enhanced to better handle common situations which cause an active PCL to no longer be visible in a demand plan.

The following three actions will cause a PCL to be disabled but with the edits and demand plan retained:

  • Customer orders are not uploaded for a previously active PCL
  • Base entity association are removed via the baseEntityAssociation.txt upload
  • Disabling a SKU (item-location pair for a multi-location company)

In all three cases, the planning hierarchy and all historical and demand plan data will not be visible but will remain. This allows a user to re-enable the PCL by reversing or addressing any of the situations that cause the demand plan to be removed.

Please note that in the event an item or customer is disabled, or a location is deactivated, upon the next data upload or forecast analysis, the planning hierarchy and all historical and demand plan data will be deleted. When this happens, the demand plan and all edits will be lost.

Deletion may be avoided if the item or customer is re-enabled, or a location reactivated prior to the next upload or forecast run.

Empty cell treated as error in userdefinedsopforecast.txt

Previously when an empty Units or ASP cell is uploaded with the userdefinedsopforecast.txt, an error would be produced. This update removes the error message and ignores the empty cell in order to leave the previously entered Units or ASP value in tact.


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