March 26, 2020 Release Notes

Added Capability to Download Grid Data as an Excel in Advanced Planning

All grids in the Forecast, Demand Planning, Event Planning, and Market Forecast Manager now have an excel download icon to export the grid data to excel.

On the top right hand side of all grids, there is a small excel icon as shown below. Clicking on the excel icon will download the selected visible rows and columns of the grid.

The name of the file will be Page Name, Grid Name, and date of the download.

For example, clicking on the Units grid when selecting Country as the Level and United States as the node downloads a units grid excel with the name "Units Grid-United States_03252020"

New Data Sources for Plex Customers

A new data source function has been added to allow customers to create purchase orders using supplier purchase defaults.

Added a function that allows writing new forecast purchase orders in Plex with each new requirement plan run.

Added Location Filter to Supply Plan Pages

The location filter was previously hidden and is now exposed so that it is consistent with the requirement planning and analytics pages.


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