March 19, 2020 Release Notes

Improvement of Independent Demand Pop-Up Loading Time in Requirement Planning

At times, the loading of the independent demand tool-tip pop-up the detailed Item Plan views. This release improves the load time of that and the other pop-ups in the item detail views requirement planning grid.

DemandCaster-Item Planning Details - Google Chrome

Improved How Linking is Managed in Advanced Planning

We have removed the requirement to re-upload sales history when applying linking between items. With this release, the Demand Planning traffic light will change to yellow. Upon running a new forecast, the link will be applied and the Demand Planning traffic light will change green.

Fixed COGS % value in Advanced Planning

Addressed an issue in Advanced Planning when a page tab only has the COGS grid visible and the COGS % values disappear. This releases address this issue.

DemandCaster - Demand Plan - Google Chrome

Remove Restriction of 100 Visible Forecast Entities in Forecast Page

Previously, the left hand side hierarchy builder had a limit to only show the top 100 nodes with a level. This restriction is now removed and all nodes within a forecast level are now visible both in the hierarchy builder and page view. Please note that nodes with significant number of nodes within a level will take a few seconds to refresh. We will continue to monitor performance and optimize for speed. Please contact support if you find speed of refresh to be unacceptable.

Below is an example of a level with over 100 nodes. The image below shows the page count and the number nodes within the level.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

Market Forecast Manager Scrolling and Pop-Up Usability Improvements

Improved the scrolling usability and size of the new Market Forecast Manager mapping and plan info pop-ups. The prior version struggled distinguishing scrolling between the pop-up and the page.

DemandCaster - Market Forecast Manager - Google Chrome


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