March 12, 2020 Release Notes

New Customer Pareto and Grouping Functionality for Advanced Planning

This is an important new capability to help planners focus forecasting in Advanced Planning against the significant few customers versus the trivial many otherwise known as the Pareto Principle. In Customer Data Maintenance there is a new entry named "ParetoGroup" that will capture all the customers that fall under the Pareto percentage set in system settings. Additionally, there is a column named "Customer Grouping." You can learn more by reading the article Set Customer Pareto Percentage.

This release also merges the Customer Grouping utility previously located under Utilities with the Customer data maintenance screen. A new Button named "Assigned to Group" to manage this process. Please read the article Customer Groups Creation to learn more.

DemandCaster - Customer Maintenance - Google Chrome

Updated Cumm Percentage Calculation in Forecast Page

Updated the Cumm % calculation sum up the percentages from top down. Prior to this release the Cumm Percentage calculation started at 100% and subtracted.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

New admin level process to generate a planning calendar for customer verification

This new admin level process allows the calendar to be used for planning to be verified by customers at the time of setup. This helps ensure the periods a companies business operates against is the same as the planning calendar.


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