March 2, 2020 Release Notes

In this release, we have implemented Advanced Planning forecast performance enhancements and we have made certain Advanced Planning visualization settings page and user specific.

Preserve the graph's range selector, time horizon, and bucket size by page

This release preserves the Forecast and Demand Plan graph's range selector definition, time horizon, and bucket size by page so that a user does not need to waste time selecting it again and again while navigating to other nodes of the hierarchy.

The preservation is user specific and kept only within a page - not across pages. Each page will have its own unique view. Each page will have its own time line, time horizon and bucket preserved and will be kept through users sessions until there is a new selection of options. 

Forecast Performance

A major change has been made with how forecast statistics are being calculated. Prior to today, these calculations would occur dynamically with each refresh of the page. Their calculation will now be part of the forecasting analysis so that the page will become visible significantly faster.

If a user changes the forecast hierarchy, both the Parent Forecast Statistics and Child Forecast Statistics will be removed and will require a new forecast analysis to calculate the new statistics.

If you see a message "Forecast Statistics are not available..." as shown below, a new forecast analysis must be run in order for the statistics to populate. This message will be visible for all Advanced Planning customers after the new feature is enabled and if a user changed the forecast hierarchy after a previously run forecast. Upon seeing this message, a new forecast analysis must be run in order for the new statistics to populate.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

Another change is that the forecast statistics will only be visible in context of the forecast hierarchy. In the example below, the statistics are not visible when viewing the level below the top level.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

They are visible when at the top level context and then drilling down from there.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome


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