February 27, 2020 Release Notes

Add option to manage firm order horizon in days instead of weeks

This change has been made to provide users with more finite control over the firm order planning horizon.

Upon release, this setting will automatically change the current weekly value to a calculated daily value for all customers (1 week = 7 days). The default type will be Calendar Days which is equivalent to the previous Week based setting. Users wishing to make the change to be based only on week days, will need to change the basis in System Settings. Work Days versus Calendar Days is a system setting and applicable to all SKU's.

DemandCaster - System Setting - Google Chrome

Add Action (Make, Buy, Transfer) Field to Custom Reporting

Field is available only when the report base entity is planner action. The field is called “Action Name”.

Include Location Specific Vendor in DataHub for Netsuite

For NetSuite customers, the integration has been enhanced to support the extraction of location specific vendors for a given item. Previously, a single supplier would be the vendor for all locations for a given item.


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