January 30, 2020 Release Notes

Core Updates

A summary of new features and bug fix releases applied against the Core application.

Capacity Planning Updates

Added efficiency inputs to work center schedules. Efficiency is a percent value that defines how many hours are actually productive. A value of 75% reduces the available hours (0.75 X 20 = 15 hours). If the value is greater than 100%, the available capacity increases.

Added a place for users to enter notes related to work center settings.

Other Core Updates and Notable Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Demand Plan uploads with pricing included were failing to update demand plans.

Updated Multiple-Edit setting to remove forecast algorithm drop down from requirement planning if a company has S&OP enabled.

Advanced Planning Updates

A summary of new features and bug fix releases applied against the Advanced Planning application.

New Warning When Trying to Change Forecast Hierarchy

The Forecast Hierarchy is a hierarchy that should rarely change once the hierarchy is defined. This is because, changing the hierarchy will cause the basis of the forecast to change. This release adds two changes to the Forecast Page:

Hierarchy Changes in Side Bar are Locked

The forecast hierarchy can not be changed by grabbing and moving levels. These are locked. The only way to change a forecast hierarchy is by clicking on the hierarchy builder.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

Warning when Opening Hierarchy

When a user clicks on the hierarchy builder to modify the hierarchy, a warning is communicate to the user. Users can dismiss the warning by clicking "Yes" to modify the hierarchy. Once a hierarchy is changed, the statistical measures will be impacted and will be recalculated upon running a new forecast. Clicking "No" dismisses the warning and does not open the hierarchy builder.

DemandCaster - Forecast - Google Chrome

Other AP Updates and Notable Bug Fixes

Updated the method to which COGS are being calculated for future open orders.

Added a new option to generate and share a fiscal calendar with customers to ensure the calendar matches their companies business calendar.

Updated the process to ensure customer provided logo's, when applicable, properly populate across the entire application.


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