January 9, 2020 Release Notes

Core Updates

A summary of new features and bug fix releases applied against the core application.

New Lead Time Setting Option

A new lead time option has been added to allow lead time to be based on work days when daily bucket planning is enabled.

This setting applies to all items (both manufactured and purchased). An enhancement to make the setting SKU specific is in the development backlog but has yet been scheduled for development. The setting is called "Lead time basis" available under Utilities > System Settings > Requirement Planning Settings as shown below:

New Active/Inactive and Enabled/Disabled Filter

Added new Active/Inactive and Enabled/Disabled filters in data maintenance to help quickly identify those items assigned with these attributes.

New Finished Good Linking Options

New options to link by item and location and also copy customer orders, purchase orders, and production orders to the new item/SKU. The support article has been updated with these new capabilities. Please read the article Linking Finished Goods to learn more.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning Enhancements

A number of major enhancements have been made to the Rough Cut Capacity Planning interface.

  • Added the capability to freeze the capacity UI's left and top rows when scrolling
  • Added a new row named "Utilization" to the grid. This value is calculated as load/capacity presented as a percent
  • Added chart option to represent and understand the capacity versus load.
  • The working days only option in system settings is now synced with the capacity plan.

We are in the process of updating the documentation under the Capacity Planning section to reflect these updates and expect they will be posted soon.

Ending Inventory Line in Supply Plan Waterfall

The approved plans Ending Inventory value has been added to the Supply Plan Waterfall tab in addition to the Supply Plan value.

Other Issues

Addressed an issue when a user activates a 4P or Event where the account has a large customer and item count, the DemandCaster propagates the approval slowly.

Addressed an issue when level loading and monthly forecast consumption is enabled where the results are less than 0 due to rounding and case pack being 0 ( i.e. 0.3 ).

A bug was resolved when running level loading MRP in daily buckets and when weekends are set to non-working days. In these situation, the level loaded quantities spread through the week have a larger quantity on Friday's. With this fix, the quantities are spread evenly against all working days within the week as shown below.


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