November 7, 2019 Release Notes

Core Enhancements

The "Weeks with no demand stocking threshold" setting has been re-named "Days with no demand stocking threshold." This setting was mislabelled in error.

A new permission was added to limit the ability to run dependent requirement regeneration in requirement planning for specific users. The new permission is named  "RestrictDependentRequirementsRegeneration."

Advanced Planning Enhancements

A new feature was added to Event Planning process that automatically removes the effect of an event against history used for forecasting. When an executed event moves into history, its volume is automatically removed from history and the forecast is based on the base demand value and not the base plus event value. This step occurs automatically during the data upload process or when a change is made that causes the Demand Plan traffic light to turn yellow.

Note: The process will not allow the historical demand to be less than zero if the event is greater than the actual demand.


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