October 17, 2019 Release Notes

Core Enhancements

Data Load Enhancement:

We have optimized the performance of the itemlocation file data load. Time to load has been reduced by nearly 60%.

Feature Enhancement:

We have added budget feature to the supply plan. The inventory supply budget is the planned ending inventory in both units and value.

To create the supply budget, click on the Supply Budget button in either the Supply Plan page in Advanced Planning or Requirement Review page in legacy S&OP.

Choose to populate either the Budget or Revised Budget values, enter the time periods to populate, and click Submit to commence the process.

In the example below, the inventory supply budget has been populated through the end of the year.

Advanced Planning Enhancements

We have added the capability to download the demand plan within Advanced Planning. This process downloads a text file that can be edited and re-uploaded as a user defined forecast.

The download is based on the hierarchy built within the page. As such, each page will have a different download to coincide with the page specific hierarchy.

To download the file, click the download icon.


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