April 11, 2019 Release Notes

Changed where the option to apply order type between locations

Previously, the order type setting was set at the source destination which meant the source destination would receive only one type of order.

The setting has been moved from the source location to the destination location so that each destination has the flexibility to define its own order type. The order type can be either a purchase order or a transfer order. By moving the setting, it allows for more finite control of the order type and extend the logic when creating orders back to your ERP.

Added Actual to Plan view to Classification analysis

This feature was temporally removed when the redesigned analytics were launched.  This updates re-introduces the ability to view the actual to plan in the item detail page when clicking the detail icon in Classification.

Clicking the detail icon opens the item detail view backed off from the lead time of the item.

Other Updates

Added additional logged items to change log.

Corrected the name of "Alternative Supplier" button. It is now named "Alternate Supplier" in data maintenance.


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