March 14, 2019 Release Notes

Whats Included in this Release

This release comprises of one new feature, a number of small enhancements to existing features, and bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with forecast consumption not resetting the order point properly
  • Fixed an issue where "select all" was not working when sorting by last update in data maintenance
  • Addressed a permission issue with Read Only Access
  • Updated the excel download to align with the Analytics Review UI
  • Updated the excel download to align with the Analytics Order Point UI
  • Added customer code to hierarchy download in S&OP
  • Fixed issue with item table upload if there are Chinese characters in Item code

New Feature: Standard Number Format / Different Currencies

This new feature adds an option that separates the currency symbol from the number format - similar to how excel works. In Excel, the spreadsheet has a default number format however the symbol can change from cell to cell.  To learn more, please review the article Customer Specific Currency and Date Formats.


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