February 7, 2019 Release Notes

Created a new section under System Settings called "User Specific Settings"

Previously, these settings were not visible when a user was not provided access to System Setting. The two settings that are now always available to all users are:

  • Default page size
  • Main menu type

Added a new change log entry for deferred UDF Demand Plan changes

A deferred change is one where the user does not immediately apply the change by clicking "Continue Editing" or simply closing the pop-up after a change is applied. Previously, these changes were hidden in the change log.

Clicking on View takes you to the detail where you can then take action by either "Apply all changes" or Apply single node changes"

  • Apply all changes: Clicking will apply all deferred changes
  • Apply single node changes: Clicking will apply only the current change

Added a feature that allows a user to enter the percent split of monthly forecast to weeks

This optional feature defines how to translate a monthly demand plan forecast into weekly buckets. This is helpful when monthly demand should be translate weekly in either a front or back loaded manner in a month. The steps to do so are provided in the article Split of Monthly Forecast into Weekly Buckets

Add supply plan view for components

Previously, only independent demand finished goods would appear in the supply plan view. The view has been extended to include components. To view a supply plan for a component, go to the requirement review list and click detail to view the item detail. From the item detail click the Supply Plan to view the components supply plan view. This tab is available for all items from finished goods to components.


Various bug fixes

A number of small bug fixes were also included in this release.


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