January 24, 2019 Release Notes

Location Specific Make/Buy Setting

Previously, an items supplier and make/buy setting was the same across all locations. If you change the make/buy in one location, all locations would have this setting changed. This release allows users to apply a different primary supplier and make/buy setting by location.

Concerning Make/Buy, this is an important enhancement since it allows a user to determine at which location a BOM is exploded. Previously, since the Make/Buy setting was the same for all location for a given item, if the item was Make, all location would have a BOM visible (assuming the BOM is not able to be made location specific during the extraction for some reason). This enhancement allows users to hide the BOM at locations where there is no explosion by simply changing the Make/Buy setting to Buy.

In the example below, item 71 at Carlsbad will have a BOM explosion where as the Atlanta DC location it will not (assuming there is a BOM available at both locations). If there is no BOM uploaded to the Atlanta DC location, there will be no explosion even if the item is set to Make.

To learn more about the make versus buy behavior in DemandCaster, please read the article Why are no BOM's showing for any of my finished goods?

Please note that the make/buy setting is not a itemlocation table specific upload value. The setting may only be managed in the DemandCaster application.

Location Specific Supplier Setting

In addition to making the make/buy setting location specific, an items supplier may also be location specific. The location specific setting may be applied in two ways.

The first method is via the itemlocation data upload file. A new column has been added as an option to include a location specific supplier. The details are covered in the Item Location data table section under the Data Upload article. Please click here to learn more.

The second method is to change the value in Data Maintenance. This is done by clicking edit against the item and then applying a user defined supplier. This value will not be overwritten by a data upload. To learn more please read the article How to Assign a Primary or Location Specific Supplier to an Item.

Please note that this setting is different than the Alternate Supplier option covered in the article How to associate more than one supplier with an item

Added a new master permission to allow a user to delete and modify protected custom reports

This new permission allows an account to access, edit, and delete all custom reports created by all users. This is true even if a user locks their report preventing other users from editing or deleting their report.

Previously, if a link was created between a new item and an old item, if the old item is deleted from DemandCaster there would be no warning that the item is part of a link. This, in turn, would cause a requirement planning to fail. This release prevents the item from being deleted with a warning to the user to remove the link before proceeding.

In the example below, when attempting to delete item 30011, the user is altered with the message highlighted in yellow below. To delete the item, first remove the link and then delete the item.

Various Security and Bug Updates

A number of security updates and small bug fixes were also included in this release.


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