January 9, 2019 Release Notes

Two new features and an update to an existing feature are included in this release.

New Report: Item Customer Translation in Demand Planning

This new report present the customer / item / location translation of the demand plan to the supply plan. To run the report:

  1. Navigate to the item level of the demand plan
  2. Click the excel button
  3. From the pop-up, click "Translation" to run the report

New Simplified Permission Structure

We have simplified our permission structure to make it easier to manage. The biggest change is that upon creating a new account, there is only one default Administrator roles that has all the permissions assigned as a default. From this Role, users can now copy the existing role in order to create additional permission types by simply removing / modifying the existing permissions.

User Groups will remain for the time being since many existing users still utilize Groups. However, we recommend moving exclusively to Roles going forward since User Groups are being deprecated.

To learn more, please review the articles in User Management section of our documentation.

Locked Period Enhancements

Our lock period functionality has been extended to accommodate both internal and external locks.

An internal lock period is one that is applied across the organization whereas an external lock period is one applied at a supplier for shutdowns such as Chinese New Year. To learn more please read our updated article How to Create Requirement Planning Lock Periods