Example: Context Demand Plan Report

Main Tab

The following selections are required in the Main tab:

  1. Name: Enter name
  2. Base Entity: Select S&OP
  3. Report Type: Select Basic
  4. Download Type: Select Excel
  5. Level : Select the lowest level where you wish the report to be generated
  6. Node type: Select Context node
  7. Row type: Select Item
  8. Locations: Not applicable
  9. Aggregate Locations: Not applicable
  10. Demand Plan Type: Select either last generated or approved. Approved selects the demand plan as of the last plan approval

Data Tab

Scroll down to S&OP and select Overview

  1. Select Node Name. This is the name of the node in the lowest level selected in the main tab.
  2. Select Parent then click the edit button. This opens the second image below where you can select which levels to include in the report above the lowest level selected in the main tab.
  3. Click save upon selecting.

Click on Demand Plan

Select demand plan. Click edit to choose what time frame to include in the report. The default view is 12 month rolling.

View Tab

Sort the data fields selected in any order desired.

Click Save State and then Download to view the report.


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