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How to modify a custom report templates column format

This article describes the process to modify the templates excel spreadsheet default "general" cell format. This can be done for new templates or existing templates. The steps below are for existing templates that have already been uploaded.

Select the Custom Report to Edit

  1. Go to the custom report list and find the report where the template needs to change.
  2. Click edit to open the settings of the report.

Download the template

When in the main tab of the report, go to the template row at the bottom and click on the name of the template to commence the download.

Open Template in Excel and Select the Column to Modify

Change the format of the column using the excel format cell options and save to save the new version of the template.

Upload File to Replace Old Template

  1. Go back to the main tab of the report and click select to open the selection process.


Click upload once the file is selected.

The template is now ready to be used. Proceed to the view tab to download the new version of the report.


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