Introduction to Custom Report Templates

In this video tutorial we will introduce how to create custom report templates. Templates are used to leverage the data in DemandCaster to better meet your companies specific reporting and planning needs.

Please note that the video does not reflect a new feature that auto-populates the selected report fields in the template as covered in this article following the video below.

Addendum to the Video

There are three custom report data elements to choose from in the "view" tab as shown below. These were not described in the video. They are:

  • Excel: This is selected to use include a column of data that is populated directly in the excel template.
  • Data Field: This is the data field populated from the Custom Report
  • Custom: This may be a formula, a number, or any data element required in the report

In addition, a new process to populate fields has been added named "Populate Fields"

Populate Fields

Clicking on Populate Fields, auto-populates the selected report Data entities into the report in the order they were selected in the data tab. To save time, make sure to select the data fields in the correct order.

Once populated, you may change the fields by column and add additional fields such as calculated fields.


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