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How to Assign a Primary or Location Specific Supplier to an Item

At times, the system ERP does not assign a primary supplier to an item. Since DemandCaster is a planning system, a supplier is needed in order to plan current and future requirements for purchased items. We recommend that the most optimal supplier for a given item be applied for planning purposes. When ordering, the supplier may always be changed to another supplier via the alternate supplier approach.

This article describes the steps to assign a primary supplier to an item against an item or against an item/location if DRP is enabled.

Go to Data > Data Maintenance > Item

  1. Select the Item to Modify and Click Edit

Assign the Supplier to an Item (DRP is not enabled)

  1. Checking ERP sets the supplier to the one uploaded from the ERP system (this is the default behaviour).
  2. Checking User Defined applies a different supplier from the drop down as the primary supplier.
  3. Click Save to apply the new supplier.

Jump to Location Specific Supplier to apply a different supplier against a specific location when DRP is enabled.

Location Specific Supplier (DRP is enabled)

Scroll down to SKU Properties

  1. Click User Defined
  2. Select the supplier from the drop down
  3. Click Save to apply

Please note that this has to applied to each item/location one at a time. When DRP is enabled, there is no way to change the supplier against all locations for a specific item at one time.

New Supplier is Applied

The supplier for the item in location Carlsbad Plant was changed from Better Supplier to Super Manufacturing.


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