How to associate more than one supplier with an item

By default, a primary supplier is assigned to an item from the ERP.

Alternative suppliers are automatically made available as a supplier option in the planner action detail if there is a record of purchasing from the supplier in the purchase order history table that is uploaded to DemandCaster. As an option, a user may add a secondary supplier as an option particularly if the item is new or has no history of purchasing from the alternate supplier. The following article describes how to add a secondary supplier.

Go to Data Maintenance

  1. Go to Data
  2. Data Maintenance

Select the Item to which a supplier will be added

  1. Select the item by clicking on the check box
  2. Click the "Alternate Supplier" button
  3. Search for supplier in the search box or navigate page by page at the bottom of the pop-up if available
  4. Click on the + icon to associate to the item. More than one supplier may be associated to the item.
  5. To remove a supplier, click the "remove" icon
  6. You may also delete multiple associations at once by clicking "Delete Associations"
  7. Click Save to save the association.

Select Alternate Supplier in Planner Action or Item Detail Interface

  1. The next time you review the planner action, the alternate supplier will be available from the supplier drop down. The drop down is available in both the:
    1. Planner Action interface
    2. Item Detail interface


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