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How to Manually Deactivate, Reactivate, Disable, and Enable Items

DemandCaster has two types of item visibility statuses relative to if a item is viewed in DemandCaster or hidden. They are:

  1. Activated/Deactivated: A deactivated item is one where it is hidden from all DemandCaster menu's and selections but its history still participates in Advanced Business Planning.
  2. Enabled/Disabled: A disabled item is one where it is removed from all selections and calculations.

You may also Delete an item which is to completely remove an item that no longer exists in your ERP. This is covered in the article How to Delete or Deactivate an Old Master Data Entity

Go to Data Maintenance

  1. Click "Data"
  2. Click "Data Maintenance"
Go to Data Maintenance

Change Visibility Settings

  1. Search for the item that you would like to change its status. You may use the search box or any of the other search and data filter options available in the app.
  2. Click on the appropriate radio button to change the visibility  of the item. An item with no check box in the radio button is either deactivated or disabled. To reactivate or re-enable, simply click on the radio button to add the check mark.
    1. Deactivate: This option hides the item from view in reports and selections. It is in a semi-hidden state since its history continues to populate the demand plan history in Advanced Business Planning so that the historical data continues to match your P&L information.
    2. Disable: This option removes the item from all selections, reports, as well as history. We recommend disabling items only when a full link is created when linking a new item to an old item.

Please note that if Advanced Business Planning is enabled, after changing the status of the item, the demand plan will be updated to reflect the changes made.

For previously deactivated items, if a new customer, production, or purchase order is created in your ERP and populates DemandCaster, the item has the option to automatically reactivate. In addition, there are automated means to deactivate items based on the condition it is excluded in a master data update. The article How to Automatically Deactivate and Activate Items describes this process.

Change Visibility Settings

Find Items by Last Updated Date

An alternate means to identify items to update visibility status is by searching by "Last Updated Date." This field is included in all the data tables.

Since each upload has a date/time stamp, if an entity is no longer in an upload, it will have an older date stamp.

You can search for old entities two ways:

  1. By sorting the "Last Updated" column. Click "Last Updated" header twice to sort in ascending order. This identifies the oldest updated item.
  2. You may also enter a date in the date field to find entities uploaded earlier than the date selected. If the last successful upload was today, enter a date of yesterday to filter the view to identify entities that were not in today's upload.

After identifying the old entities, follow the steps described above to update the visibility settings.

Find Old Items by Date

Find Items By Enabled/Disabled and Active/Inactive Drop Downs

  1. Filter Items by Enabled or Disabled.
  2. Filter Items by Active or Inactive


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