How to Delete or Deactivate an Old Master Data Entity

By default SKU's, Locations, Customers, Suppliers, and Product Catagories that are deleted in your ERP or are not subsequently included via the integration are not automatically removed from DemandCaster.

The steps described below apply to all data tables where the uploaded value is not automatically removed with each upload i.e. items, customers, suppliers, locations, and product categories.

Go to Data Maintenance

  1. Click on "Data"
  2. Click on "Data Maintenance"
  3. This will open the "Item" data maintenance view by default. Click on the drop down to select and view a different table.
Go to Data Maintenance

Search for the Entity to Delete

  1. Enter the entity you wish to delete in the search box and click "Search" or enter to find the entity.
  2. Click on the X to delete the entity one at a time.
  3. To delete multiple entities at once, check the entity to be deleted in the check box and click "Delete" in the tool bar.  
Search for the Item to Delete

Find Old Entities by Date

An alternate means to find and delete old entities is by searching by "Last Updated Date." This field is included in all the data tables. This can also be used to deactivate and disable entities.

Since each upload has a date/time stamp, if an entity is no longer in an upload, it will have an older date stamp.

You can search for old entities two ways:

  1. By sorting the "Last Updated" column. Click "Last Updated" header twice to sort in ascending order. This identifies the oldest updated entity.
  2. You may also enter a date in the date field to find entities uploaded earlier than the date selected. If the last successful upload was today, enter a date of yesterday to filter the view to identify entities that were not in today's upload.

After identifying the old entities, follow the deletion steps described above.

For customers, suppliers, and product categories, instead of deleting, you may disable or deactivate the entity.

For SKU's,  you may simply disable or deactivate the SKUs as described in the article How to De-Activate, Re-Activate, Disable, and Enable Items.

Find Old Items by Date

Please note that disabling or deleting a product category, supplier, or location also disables the SKU's in the item selection that are associated with the specific entity. These SKU's will not be available for planning.


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