Creating a temporary new item for planning

At times a new item needs to be planned even though it has not been formally released. Often this is done to drive materials or plan capacity. The following article describes the steps to create a temporary item and enter a forecast. Once the new item is released to the ERP and loaded into DemandCaster it may be linked to the temporary item.

Go to Data Maintenance

  1. Select Item from the Data Maintenance drop down (item is the default selection)
  2. Click the "Add New" to open the interface to add a new item
Go to Data Maintenance

Populate with the Required Information

Enter all the values required as shown in the example below and click save when complete.

If DRP is enabled, the SKU properties section must also be completed. SKU properties overwrite item properties in top section where applicable.

Populate with the Required Information

Newly Created Item is Visible in the Item Data Maintenance List

Newly Created Item is Visible in the Item Data Maintenance List

And the Item Location List

And the Item Location List

If Item is going to be used in Demand Planning, the following steps apply

If you will be uploading the forecast per the article Uploading a User Defined Forecast / Demand Plan (S&OP Platform) you do not need to create the association described below. These will be automatically created with the upload as long as the item has already been added.

Go to Planning Hierarchy in S&OP Menu Group

  1. Click "S&OP" in top menu
  2. Click "Planning Hierarchy" in sub-menu
Go to Planning Hierarchy in S&OP Menu Group

Go to Item Level of the Hierarchy

  1. Select "Item" from the drop down menu
  2. Locate the item to be added by using the search box.
  3. In cases where the item is new, you may filter the selection by the "New" tag via the tag drop down. DemandCaster auto-tags newly uploaded items that were not previously in DemandCaster with the tag "New" as an option. Please read the article Why are some items assigned the tag "New" to learn how.
Go to Item Level of the Hierarchy

Associate New Items to Customers and Nodes

Go to the item level in Demand Planning.

  1. Select the item to be "Associated to a Customer" by clicking on the checkbox.
  2. Click "Associate to Customer"
  3. A pop-up will open
  4. Select the customer(s) to associate the item with by searching / selecting and the click the checkbox
  5. Click "Associate"
  6. You may also click on the add icon if the customer is visible in the list to skip clicking "Associate"
  7. Click "Save" to associate the item to the customer or customer(s)

Confirm the Item is Associated

  1. Once the association is created, the Customer Association field will be "yes" to denote a user link has been created between an item and customer(s).
  2. Please note that the progress bar changes colors to inform the user that a new Demand Plan must be run after completing the associations. Of course, you may just begin entering demand plans for these items or upload.

Next Steps

Once the item is created, you may link the new item to an old item per the article Linking Finished Goods

In the Basic platform, follow the steps described in the article Managing New Item Forecasts (when S&OP not enabled)

In the S&OP platform, follow the steps described in the article Managing New Items in Demand Planning (S&OP Platform)

Alternate Approach

As an option, if you have many new items to add, you may upload the files by creating an incremental item.txt file and itemlocation.txt file (if DRP is enabled) and then uploading. Since the upload is incremental these items will remain even if the automated upload files do not include them. The manually upload items will be time and date stamped.


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