Using the "New Item" Tag Logic

New Product Tag Option

The item tag "New" is auto assigned when the new item identification tag is enabled and a new item is uploaded from your ERP to DC. This tagging process is used to let a user know that the item has newly entered DemandCaster and may require its settings modified.

DemandCaster also has the capability to use tagging to "Activate" and Deactivate" items as described in the article How to Automatically Deactivate and Activate Items.

Assign a Tag to Identify "New Item"

In the example below, the tag "New" has been assigned to perform "New Item" option. Once assigned, any new item that enters DemandCaster will be assigned the tag "New." This tag does not need to be named "New." It can be named anything.

Changing Settings of a New Item

To change the setting of the item, follow the steps in the article How to Change the Planning Settings for Multiple Items at Once (Multi-Edit)

To remove the tag, follow the steps in the article "How to Add or Remove Item Tags"

Please note that once a tag is assigned to a item, it will not be automatically removed since a user may forget to change settings or wants to do it later. It is strongly recommended to remove the "new" tag upon confirming or changing the items planning settings.


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