How to quickly assign multiple tags to items?

The fastest way is to prepare a spreadsheet named itemtags or itemtagsmultilocation (if DRP is enabled) with the following information included as defined below.

There will be one row per item/location and tag combination. Use the Itemtag upload if you are using the single location version of DemandCaster or itemtagsmultilocation if you are using the multi-location version of DemandCaster. These file may be uploaded on demand as needed or it can be automated via the integration.

An item code, may have multiple tags. Each row will be one item and one tag.

Once the spreadsheet is ready, save as a tab delimited text file, compress the file, and upload by following the instructions in the Manually Uploading Data article.

Please note that each upload will wipe out previously uploaded tags so you should use the same itemtag file as the basis for changes. If you have manually assigned a tag following the steps described in the How to add or remove item tags article, these will not be overwritten by the upload.

Item Tagging (itemtags.txt)

The table columns are as follows:

  • A - Item Code
  • B - Item Tag (max 20 chars)

Location Based Item Tagging (itemtagsmultilocation.txt)

Same as above but applies tags by item and location. The table columns are as follows:

  • A - Item Code
  • B - Location Code
  • C - Tag (max 20 chars)


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