Automation in DemandCaster

DemandCaster includes the capability to automate requirement planning, specific analytics, report deliveries, and other processes.

Open Automation Page

  1. Click on Utilities in the top menu bar
  2. Click on Automation in the Utilities menu group
  3. Click Add New
Open Automation Page

Create a New Automation

  1. Enter the name of the Automation
  2. Select the type of automation from the drop down as defined below
  3. If Requirement Plan is Selected, determine Selection Type from the options that will be visible otherwise proceed to step 4:
    1. All Items: Runs the requirement plan automation against all active items
    2. Filter Selection: Runs the requirement plan automation against a filter group of items using the selection filter options i.e. tags, classification, product class, vendors, etcetera.
    3. Selected Items: Runs the automation against a one or more individually selected items.
  4. Click Save to proceed to the next step
Create a New Automation

Complete Options Tab

The Demand Plan and Requirement Plan automation schema's include an "Options" tab. Please complete as required. The example below is for a requirement plan schema.

Set Trigger

  1. The trigger tab defines how the automation will start. The following options are available:
    1. No Trigger: Select this option if the process will be triggered by a schedule defined in the final tab
    2. Manual Data Upload: Select this option if the process will be triggered following your manual upload your data.
    3. Automated Data Upload: Select this option if the process will be triggered following any of the predefined data load automations.
    4. Automation: Select this option if the process will be triggered following another automation. This option only appears if at least one automation is created.
  2. When any, but the "No Trigger" option is selected, the Scheduling tab is not applied.
  3. Click "Save" to save the selection

Please note that when selecting all but the "No Trigger" option, the Scheduling tab will be hidden to prevent a entering a schedule and a trigger.


Scheduling is applied when a trigger is not the basis of starting an automation. This tab is visible when "No Trigger" is selected in the Trigger tab.

Complete the schedule as required and click "Save" to "Save" the schedule or click "Save with no schedule" to not apply a schedule.

Scheduled Automation List Overview

  1. Triggers have date stamps of when they were last run and show the ETL template that triggers the event.
  2. Scheduled automation show the previous and next schedule run.
  3. Clicking the run icon will initiate the automation off schedule
  4. The time icon shows that the specific automation is a scheduled automation
  5. Clicking edit icon open the specific automation for editing
  6. Delete icon deletes the specific automation
Scheduled Automation List Overview


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