Change Log

The change log captures all user and data hub integration changes to item and supply planning attributes. This log does not capture Advanced Business Planning changes. Advanced Business Planning has a separate change log.

The change log is accessed via the Utilities menu item.


A breakdown of the Change Log interface is as follows:

  1. Excel: Download an excel of the change log. The output is based on any filter applied against the log.
  2. Exclude Data Hub: Excludes any changes, such as on hand quantity and other ERP sourced changes coming via the Data Hub. Clicking "Exclude Data Hub" excludes these changes.
  3. Starting and Ending Date Filter: Limits the changes to the time frame selected. By default the filter is a rolling last 3 months view. Once the dates are changed, click "Search" to apply.
  4. All Users: Drop down to filter by user. Only one user can be selected at a time. By default the filter is against All Users. Once the user is selected, click "Search" to apply.
  5. All Log Types: A list of all changes by type that are captured in the change log. Only one log type can be selected at a time. By default the filter is against All Log Types. Once the Log Type is selected, click "Search" to apply.
  6. Search: Click to apply one or more than one combination of filters.

If you are looking for a specific log type that does not exist in the drop down, please contact support for assistance.