Editing Order Due Dates and Quantities

The DemandCaster capacity plan is not finite capacity. What DemandCaster is doing is scheduling requirements based on the demand and supply plan and from there showing the impact of those planned orders against capacity. If a user re-schedules a planned order to the future or reduces the quantity, it means that the plan is not going to either meet the planned demand or safety stock objectives in the short term. From there DemandCaster will create new future orders or suggest expediting existing orders to balance supply with demand.

Only planned orders are editable by default. If the system is setup accordingly, you may edit/reschedule released production orders in addition to planned orders.

In Capacity, Identify a Period to Review

In the image below, we will review August 26th.

Click on either the Load or Start cell to view the detail

Pop-Up Detail Opens

Click on the word "Forecast" to view the item planning detail of the item

View Item Planning Detail and Edit

It appears there is plenty of on hand relative to demand, thus there could be an opportunity to push out some orders.

Click on suggested orders edit button to view and edit the orders. Released replenishment orders may be edited, if the feature is enabled for your organization.

Once the suggested order panel is open, the edits to the orders may be made including released production orders if enabled.

Upon saving, we see we were too aggressive changing the order requirements, so we need to go back and make some additional edits.

Based on the edits, the yellow communicates we are breaching safety stock, but we believe we will be OK with this new plan.

Go Back to Capacity Plan to View Impact

The system will prompt a recalculation. If it does not, click recalculate.

We can see that we were able to reduce the load against capacity and are only over by 0.5 hours per day.

Change Work Center

Open Pop-Up Detail by clicking the day to change.

Click on "Capacity"

  1. The routing for the order appears.
  2. If it does not appear, click on the order detail line
  3. Click on the work center to change
  4. A pop-up opens where the work center, rates, or other changes can be made to the job.
  5. Click save to apply the change and prompting the capacity plan to rerun
  6. Please note that once a new requirement plan is run, the capacity plan will revert to the default routing settings of the item.



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